waffle house

What is it about Waffle House that brings out the nutty in people? I know we don’t have any around here, the nearest being 2.5 hours away in Austinburg, OH, but there are 2,100 in 25 states and they are full of week-in, week-out drama.

This week alone…

There’s the guy who got arrested for allegedly leaving a fake bomb at a Waffle House– he denies that he did anything of the sort. Better yet, it took place in Monkey Junction, NC.

Then, Four Ohioans stopped at a Waffle House in North Carolina, praised the waffles in a weird, overenthusiastic way, spent a little too much time in the bathroom, left the bathroom with a “weird smell” They allegedly dined-and-dashed. And they got caught with the help of the license plate. They ate $77 worth of food, and either Waffle House has gotten more expensive than the last time I was there or they ate a lot of food.

Also, Police arrested a guy in a clown suit for allegedly smoking meth at the counter of a Waffle House in Athens, GA

Lastly, I’m not sure why it took five months for police to arrest a woman who allegedly drove her car into a Waffle House in Crestview, FL while drunk and pantsless, but it did and she was. She blew a .295 BAC, so she was REALLY at pantsless-driving-into-a-Waffle-House level.

Next time you head south, head to a Waffle House and even though they serve food, bring your own popcorn and enjoy the potential sideshow.