Sick of it all. So ready to be done with it.

Election day has arrived and I’ll be heading out of work around noon to pick up Margot and go cast our votes. I haven’t revealed on-air who I’m voting for because:

1) It’s no one’s business.
2) I have voted for candidates in both major parties in my life, so I don’t need people labeling me as liberal or conservative. I’m ME and not defined by such broad and basic terms. I’ve always voted for the candidate who I can feel best do the job.
3) This show has tried to be a safe harbor from all the acrimony…there’s plenty of places to talk about the election on social media, among your friends and on your front lawn yard sign.

The real question is not who wins, it’s what comes next.

The one thing I will say is that whoever wins will have the shortest leash in history. It’s rare for a president to only serve 1 term but it could completely happen in 4 years.

Above all that, what comes after today’s decision it what bothers me because it’s how we as a nation decide to handle the decision no matter who wins.

I’ve decided that no matter who wins, we as a nation have to try to support that person and move forward as united as we can be. President Kennedy said at his inauguration,

“United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do. Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.”

Now, he was referring more to other countries working with the U.S. but the same absolutely applies to us as a people. If we remain divisive and not willing to find common ground, then we are doomed as a country no matter who is in the White House.

Presidents are like NFL quarterbacks: given way too much credit for the good and way too much blame for the bad. Candidates can promise the moon and they stars when they run, but so much of what they promise never comes to fruition because we’ve got politicians who are more interested in lining their own pockets or just being contrarian to ideas because it’s not their party. Winning is more important to them than actually fixing the country.

The battle to fix the country will NOT be fought and won on Facebook or Twitter…it will be fought when we all decide we’re going to pull together and work on the issues that affect us all.

Our best moments as a nation happened when we are galvanized and pull together, especially when the chips are down. Our most inglorious moments happen when in-fight, and try to divide and conquer.



I did something Sunday  that I want to share…not to brag about it but because it made me feel so good to bring a little bit of happiness to someone I admired as a kid.

If you don’t know, former Bills head coach from the early 1980’s, Chuck Knox is 84 and suffers from dementia and Lewy Body Dementia which is what Casey Kasem & Robin Williams had. His granddaughter, Lee Ann has been a guest on my show and she is trying to get Coach Knox on the Bills Wall of Fame and in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I’ve been reaching out to the media to see if anyone will do a story on him but I’ve also been sending Lee Ann pics like her grandfather’s name on the Tradition Wall in the Bills Training Facility.

Today, at the sports collectors show at Batavia Downs, I paid to meet and get something signed by Joe Cribbs, Bills star running back from that era. When I got up to meet him, I told him Coach Knox’s issues and ask if he would shoot a quick video on my phone to him and wish him well, which he graciously did.

I messaged it to Lee Ann who sent it to her grandmother. She was so thrilled by it as was Coach Knox who told Lee Ann to tell me “Hi & thank you.”

It made me feel so good to give a little joy to Coach. When I was 11, I wrote a fan letter to him and he wrote back to me and answered all my questions. If you think I’m passionate now, imagine 11 year old me getting that in the mail!

I’m now on a mission to get more of his former players to take a few moments and say hello to him on video. Even if he never ends up getting the accolades he’s due, he will at least know he was appreciated while he can still process it all.

Best $30 spent ever!

But why doesn’t he have an agent??

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Is it too early for a New Year’s resolution? Because I vow to blog more and need to start doing it daily.

It’s good to have goals.



Imagine you think you’re going to die and have the wherewithal to record goodbye videos to your family….but you don’t die

A motorcycle rider named Kevin Diepenbrock got in a crash earlier this month, and he fell down in a ravine and couldn’t move.  He had no cell reception, so he was stuck there for 30 HOURS until someone found him.  He thought he was going to die, so he recorded messages for his family.  (When he was rescued, he posted the messages on YouTube.  He was seriously hurt . . . two punctured lungs, broken back, half his ribs broken.  And it was still a tragedy, because the guy he was riding with died in the crash.

I didn’t want to post this to CJ’s Facebook page because while it’s not gory at all, it’s intense to think of this guy saying goodbye to his family and I thought somebody might have an issue with it.  You’ve ventured this far, so here it is.

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