Aaron Jackson is the host of the CJ Country Night Shift, weekdays from 7-Midnight.

Aaron is a Western New Yorker, growing up in the Rochester and Brockport areas, but it was 2 years spent out in Wisconsin as a karaoke DJ that he caught the country music bug. He graduated from The College at Brockport and most of his education came from hanging out at the College’s station, WBSU 89.1 The Point. Internships at stations in the Rochester area led to a part-time role at CJ Country before landing his first full-time gig in Corning. Aaron returned to CJ last year and handles the radio stations heavy list of production work and now….the night show!

When not behind the mic, Aaron is the guy you’d want to to have cook for you as he spent 10 years as a chef. He warns, “I also tend to talk about food a lot, so sorry in advance if I make you hungry while listening to me.”

He’s a huge Yankees fan and baseball fan in general. The other half of the year he takes is lumps as a diehard Bills fan.

He’s also done improv comedy a few different times in his life and is always looking for good groups to join. His other passions include live music and binge watching Netflix including shows like The Walking Dead, The Office, anything Marvel, and any good horror films he can find.

Reach out to him — aaron@wcjw.com