ABOUT ME:I grew up in Batavia and graduated from Notre Dame in 1987. From there, it was on to GCC where I didn’t finish my degree because I had in internship in Rochester that led to my first full-time radio job in Ithaca, NY in 1989. I did overnights and following a very full-hair- headed R.J. Jordan. R. J. gave me my first education in the business and while I became successful and well-known in my own right, R.J. got my evolution going. We also roomed together for awhile and we learned how to eat like starving disc jockey’s should. R.J. is on the left of the photo, I’m on the right.


Besides radio, I can also sing and I was a recording artist for Buffalo, NY based label, Amherst Records. I released two singles on the Amherst label in 1990 and once opened for pop artists such as Tiffany & Elisa Fiorillo. I’m a little embarrassed by my old music, but if you want an idea of what I sound like these days, here’s a song I recorded at Daryl Hall’s (of Hall & Oates) studio a few years back. Be warned, it’s not country ;).

I spent the next 18 years working for stations in Buffalo, Omaha, Detroit and New Haven and along the way became known for breaking new music, even playing artists that would go on to be stars while they were still unsigned. I’m credited with being the first to play Alanis Morissette in the U.S., among others.

In early 2007, I worked for a music promotion company, helping artists get radio airplay and in 2011, I made the decision to move back to Western New York with my wife of 2 years, Margot, because all my family is here and I missed the area and believe in it’s future. Here are pics of me and Margot and if you want to see our unconventional (and FUN) wedding, click here:


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I worked weekends for 2 years for CJ Country doing a weekend show, the sports in the morning and play-by-play of hush school football. I’m so thrilled to have another opportunity to be back in the business I love!